Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am loving you
the way I always do
its only you
but you don't believe me,do you?
baby its true,its so fucking true
what am I suppose to do?
spray you with my love clues
to suggest that it has always been you.

No one else can take your place
I can't get rid off this shitty malaise
I don't get that feeling from you
you never gave it a chance
I am still loving you
the way I always did
but I don't get that vibe from you
your silence is affecting me like flu.

I am in love with you
since the day our souls got glued
so I thought,now I know I was wrong
I felt that void and I knew you were gone
Its time to move on
but its tough to escape from you
you know I want to be with you
I am all confused,I lose.

I am not loving you
no longer loving you
I am on the move
setting my own groove
I am going back to my hood
I ain't letting this spoil my mood
no more lying low,no longer thinking about you
out of my shell,now there is nothing left to rue.

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