Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am loving you
the way I always do
its only you
but you don't believe me,do you?
baby its true,its so fucking true
what am I suppose to do?
spray you with my love clues
to suggest that it has always been you.

No one else can take your place
I can't get rid off this shitty malaise
I don't get that feeling from you
you never gave it a chance
I am still loving you
the way I always did
but I don't get that vibe from you
your silence is affecting me like flu.

I am in love with you
since the day our souls got glued
so I thought,now I know I was wrong
I felt that void and I knew you were gone
Its time to move on
but its tough to escape from you
you know I want to be with you
I am all confused,I lose.

I am not loving you
no longer loving you
I am on the move
setting my own groove
I am going back to my hood
I ain't letting this spoil my mood
no more lying low,no longer thinking about you
out of my shell,now there is nothing left to rue.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It felt all right,last night felt all right
I didn't think about you,I didn't cry
I am getting used to light
not figuring at all in my life which is awry.

It felt different,last night felt different
I didn't yearn for you,I slept tight
I get the feeling that I am my only adherent
taking on this world without any fright.

It felt nice,last night felt nice
I dreamt of my future sans you
it was all hunky dory,full of surprise
I am getting used to this changed milieu.

It felt good,last night felt real good
I ushered in the absence of your thoughts.
hoping for a tomorrow less rude,
less painstaking for my soul not to rot.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deception Point

I close my eyes only for your thoughts to wake me up
I run away from you only to find myself getting close to you
I turn back only to see you standing in front of me
I cry to wash away the memories only for them to come rushing back.

I lie to my heart but the truth ceases to fade away
I have walked a million miles since that day
I still find myself starting from where I left off
I am thinking about you again and this is a fact.

I spill my blood to let it all out
I catch you sneaking in through my scars
I feel you inside me now
I just want you to tear me open and pour me out.

I bowed down before your wish
I let you hurt me without any reprieve
I hope you loved the fury you unleashed
I just need you to stitch up my wounds and take your leave.

I don't know how things can work if I hide
I see you standing by my side
I can dump this pain on you
I am afraid I am not naive like you.

I just want to bathe in the morning sun
I need to wash the dirt that stains my inside with elan
I don't want this pain to shape me
I think I am going to cut myself open to let my soul flee.

I tasted your apathy
I almost drowned in the river of misery
I just need you to clarify
I was the chosen one, right?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Its was not love
never blessed from above
turned into a mess
this pain is a disgrace.

It was never meant to be
ignored the obvious with glee
treading the same path all over again
pondering what made me go against the grain.

Heart is charred,dreams shattered
inside is bruised and battered
I am all dizzy like i have had a  bad hangover
down and out,nowhere to take cover.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

:-( :-( :-(

When the storm is raging
inside your heart,
when its raining tears
in your eyes,
what do you do?

When the things you want to say
get stuck inside somewhere,
when not letting things out
kills you within,
what do you do?

When you know someone
is not going to change,
when you know you
cannot do without her,
what do you do?

When you know she wants to end it
every time you fight,
when you know she can't be
what you want her to be,
what do you do?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


When I was low,you slept off
when I wanted to talk,you were far off
when I needed a hug,you were nowhere close
when I cried,ignoring my tears is what you chose.

When I was lonely,you didn't fill the void within
when I didn't see you,your absence made me writhe in pain
when I was talking sense,you passed it off as babble
when I was hurt,you didn't even notice I was in shambles.

When I walked a million miles just to be with you
when I braved the storm just to hold you
when I fought with everyone to prove you right
when I fell in love with you,I felt I had defeated lonely nights.

When I asked you not to do certain things
when I explained it to you what bleeds me within
when I pleaded with you to bear with my anger
when I felt you were listening,you turned a deaf ear.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Rest your head on my shoulders
and cry your heart out
till you don't feel a thing
and I will count your tears
till they cease to roll down your cheeks.

I will feel your pain
and hold your hand if its of any use
to pacify you and assure you
that I will always be there
right by your side healing your scars.

I hate to see you cry
and hurt yourself like hell for stuff
that you ain't responsible for
and I feel like I am the victim
wanting to get drowned in your tears.

You say you ain't expressive
and want to live like a stoic
not willing to show how much
my eccentricities run riot
inside you and bleeds you within.

I will never do you wrong and
apologize to you every single time
in a million different ways to
prevent your tears from coming down on me
like the deserts crave for the rain.

I fear our love will go up in flames
my callowness will change your love to hate
I think I am gonna mess things up
lose you when I need you the most
and get drenched in the rain even when its sunny outside.

Just before I lose it all
just when I plead with you to stay
just before you decide to walk away
I want to hold you tight and hug you right
to make it all work and never let you get out of my sight.